Each year the Southern Miss Alumni Association issues an Annual Report in the winter edition of The Talon to give our constituents an overview of the organizations past year, detailing the progress and development of the Association. Each report includes information regarding alumni demographic breakdowns, scholarship allotment, event and program highlights and much more. We’re proud of the many services and programs we offer, and it is our intention to share a brief glimpse of all the organization has accomplished in the previous fiscal year throughout this eight-page report.

In the most recent Annual Report, the following topics were covered:

A Letter from 2013-14 Alumni Association President Angie Collins

Reopening of the Ogletree House

Golden Eagles at the Hattiesburg Zoo

Report on Events Hosted to Engage Alumni 

Growing Up Gold Legacy Engagement Program

Scholarship Information

Financial Position

Membership Demographics 


Click here to view the 2013-14 Annual Report

Annual Reports beginning from 2008-09 can be accessed below.

2012-13 Annual Report

2011-12 Annual Report

2010-11 Annual Report

2009-10 Annual Report